The Difference Between Silicone Kitchenware And Ceramic Kitchen Utensils And Iron Kitchen Utensils

- Sep 27, 2019-


         The improvement of living standards has made everyone begin to pay more and more attention to food. The slow degradation of disposable kitchen utensils also illustrates this problem. The kitchen appliances are more important for families, and often the maintenance workers of kitchen utensils are us. One of the most annoying problems, looking at the kitchen utensils rusty, stains, oil stains, to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintenance work, affecting the mood of peace and beauty.

        The hygiene of kitchen utensils can not be ignored, some kitchen utensils are not cleaned due to the inherent material quality problems, or due to grease, rust and the like. Unsanitary kitchen utensils are easy to recruit, a mouse, ants and so on. The use of inferior rust, wear, smelly kitchen utensils, food will be contaminated, eating can lead to chronic poisoning, and finally the double loss of money and health.


        At present, a lot of kitchen utensils on the market, let Kotelili silicone kitchenware manufacturers make small examples of the defects and hazards of several types of traditional kitchen utensils.


Defects of several types of traditional kitchen utensils



   1, ceramic kitchen utensils


        Lead-containing, although small in toxicity, is harmful to the body.


   2, iron kitchen utensils


        Containing nickel, titanium, easy to rust, the use of rusted kitchen utensils easily cause vomiting, diarrhea, physical discomfort and other symptoms.


   3, copper kitchen utensils

        Copper-containing copper tableware, using copper-containing kitchen utensils can easily cause hypotension, jaundice, liver failure.


        The above is a simple example. The kitchen utensils themselves contain lead, copper, nickel, titanium, etc., which directly affect people's health.


The "six" advantage of silicone kitchenware


        1, the color is diverse. Can be customized according to the needs of customers, so that kitchen utensils more personalized.


         2, environmental protection and non-toxic. Food grade silicone products and the human body have a good compatibility, safe and reliable.


        3, resistant to wear. Not easily broken, not broken.


        4, high temperature resistance. Can withstand 200. The high temperature of C is not easily deformed when exposed to high temperatures.


        5, easy to clean. Easy and time-saving, easy to maintain.


        6, anti-aging. Long service life and strong insulation.