The Difference Between Silicone Ice Bucket And Traditional Ice Bucket

- Dec 19, 2019-

           In our daily life, wine is an indispensable part of us. It is used to meet guests or friends and family. Wine and beer are the best to drink at certain lower temperatures, so we will Ice buckets are used. Ice buckets can reduce the temperature of wine to the optimum in a short time. Ice buckets can be divided into traditional ice buckets and silicone ice buckets. What is the difference between the two? The following introduces the advantages of silicone ice buckets produced by our company!

         Traditional ice buckets can only be used in hotels or bars because they look more atmospheric. But it is inconvenient to carry and expensive. And our Rongjin launched a new type of silicone ice bucket has the advantages of cheap price, easy to carry and so on. The materials used in our silicone ice buckets are all food-grade. The color can be adjusted according to customer needs and the hand feels soft. Because it is food-grade silicone, it has the advantages of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, dust-proof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, and easy to clean. It can be carried at home or travelling, it is easy to operate, and you can freeze a variety of drinks. Allows you to enjoy the extreme enjoyment of coldness all the time in the hot summer.