The Difference Between Pacifier Silicone Material and Conventional Silicone Material

- Aug 07, 2019-


Silicone pacifiers must have been used by everyone when they were young. It has been used as a household nipple for dozens of household pacifiers. Therefore, many consumers’ perceptions of silicone materials may only stay in the nipple material, and there is no understanding of other silicone products. So, what are the differences between the daily necessities and materials that explain different functions?

baby pacifier

Silicone pacifiers are known to everyone. They are highly permeable, reflective and bright in shape, soft in material and can be used in high temperature consumption and can be in contact with the oral cavity. These products are liquid silicone materials, which are filled with water into the cavity. High temperature molding, good material properties, good fluidity, fast curing time, safer and more environmentally friendly, can meet food grade requirements. It can be used in trademarks, silicone products, pacifiers, medical silicone products, coating, impregnation. And so on, long-term exposure to human skin without any reaction to conflict.


In addition to this type of silicone material, there are also solid-formed silicone rubber materials, which are processed in different ways, different materials and different functions. They can be classified into industrial grade, food grade, medical grade, etc. Generally, solid silicone materials are Silicone rubber products are the most widely used class.

This kind of material can be applied to industrial silica gel fittings, silicone sealing ring and silicone daily necessities, decorative articles, etc., mainly processed in the form of solid mixed paste, and the material is manually placed in the mold for upper and lower molding and curing. It can be widely used because it can be certified by different tests and has lower production and development costs and lower raw material costs than silicone nipple materials.

The silicone gel material is similar to the above two types. It is also in liquid form, and its softness can reach -40 degrees. It has high purity and strong elasticity. It is semi-solidified after molding and is used as a kind of auxiliary sealing. The basic material has a good sealing property. It differs from the silicone product in the processing method and product material. The silicone gel has better adaptability and environmental properties and is used in any substance, and the silicone gel can be healed automatically after being crushed and broken. The density is tight enough to be moisture-proof and waterproof, so it is used to contact the body, precision electronic components, backlights and electrical modules. The process can be selected for coating, pouring and potting.