The Difference Between Liquid Silicone And Solid Silocne

- Oct 21, 2019-


           For a layman's friend. Silica gel is silica gel. How do you still separate liquids and solids? Then how do you distinguish it? What are the benefits of liquid silicone? What is his superiority in those areas? What are the benefits of liquid silicone and solid silica? The following is a detailed introduction!

1, the shape of liquid silicone and solid:

(1) As the name implies, liquid silicone is in a liquid state and has fluidity.

(2) Solid silica gel is solid and has no fluidity!

2, the use of liquid silicone and solid silica gel:

(1) Liquid silicone is generally used in baby products and kitchen supplies as well as medical supplies, and is in direct contact with food and human body.

(2) Solid silica gel is generally used in daily necessities and industrial miscellaneous items as well as auto parts, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

3, the safety of solid silicone and liquid silicone:

(1) Liquid silica gel is a food material with high transparency and high safety. It is not added with auxiliary materials such as vulcanizing agent during molding, and is sealed and molded.

(2) Solid silica gel is a transparent and environmentally friendly material. It needs to be added with a vulcanizing agent to accelerate the vulcanization molding time.

4. Forming method of liquid silica gel and solid silica gel:

(1) Liquid silicone is injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR): the full name is injection molding liquid silicone rubber, and the vulcanization equipment is injection molding machine.

          The injection molding machine has a very simple process (no need for batching, compounding, cutting, etc. in the high-temperature glue process, only one worker can take the product), the product has high precision (all manual procedures before molding) All replaced by machines), high output (A/B glue mixed in a few seconds at a certain temperature), saving people, saving electricity, saving materials and many other advantages, can produce all high-temperature rubber production products! It is a mainstream in the development of silicone rubber materials in the next few years.

(2) Solid silica gel molding is a piece of solid material. After mixing by a mixer, the cutter cuts the product and the mold into the appropriate size and thickness, and then puts it into the mold and press molding at a certain temperature under the pressure forming machine. When demolding is similar to plastic products, it is also necessary to clean the mold.