The Development Trend Of The Silicone Industry

- Oct 23, 2019-


             First of all, due to limited development time, experience accumulation and technological innovation are greatly restricted. The overall quality of the domestic silica gel industry has a certain gap with foreign countries. Most of the products currently produced in China can basically meet the production requirements of its customers, but imported rubber is still needed in the case of very high performance or special rubber types. There is a big gap in the domestic market on special rubber and high performance rubber. Secondly, because the silica gel industry is a capital-intensive industry, the current economic situation also determines the seriousness of its living environment, the difficulty of capital flow, the homogenization of products, the rising prices of raw materials, and the survival of enterprises has been greatly challenged. . In addition, in the silicone rubber industry, there is now a vicious cycle of price wars. Some manufacturers' customers are low-end and low-end manufacturers, which keeps prices down and the profit margin of the entire industry is shrinking.

           On the other hand, the prospects for the silicone industry are still considerable. The silicone industry is a capital-intensive and high-tech industry. It will have a better development trend than labor-intensive industries. Silicone raw materials are mainly used in electronics, medical equipment, baby products and other major industries. Wide range, and many products previously used with rubber will gradually be replaced by silica gel. In 2012, the development trend of silicone rubber will be concentrated on liquid glue. Xin'an Tianyu has invested 50 million to build a liquid glue production base, which will also change the current pattern of the silicone rubber industry to some extent. At the same time, we must also be aware of the current fierce competition in the silicone rubber industry. Due to the economic downturn and the corresponding monetary policy, the flow of funds for small and medium-sized enterprises is even more difficult, which is even more challenging for a capital-intensive industry. But if you can spend such an economic winter, the silicone rubber industry will have a very good tomorrow. From the product point of view, the demand of the domestic silicone rubber industry is still ordinary glue and gas phase glue. At the same time, the demand for special rubber grades such as flame retardant glue, low-grade glue and liquid glue is increasing. The technical content of these glues is high, and the additional The value is larger than the previous two conventional glues, so these types will have a large market space in the future.