The color of the laser engraved in the silicone button is different.

- Jan 25, 2019-

Some customers will find the color inconsistency of the silicone button laser engraving. I don't understand why this is the case. As the pilot company of the silicone button factory, we will tell you why this phenomenon occurs today.

1, the silicone button product has a thick and uneven phenomenon when spraying, which causes some font parts to appear black spots without being carved.

2, the silicone button does not deal with the surface of the product before the injection, resulting in white or black phenomenon.

Now, we already know what causes the inconsistency of the silicone button laser engraving color, then you can customize the corresponding improvement measures according to the specific situation.

1. In the case of ensuring the transparency and elasticity of the silicone button, the thickness of the fuel injection is reduced as much as possible to facilitate the laser engraving.

2, the silicone button needs to use alcohol to treat the surface of the product before spraying.

3, before the shipment to be matched, to ensure that each batch of silicone button products shipped in the same color.

4. It is recommended that customers carry out production at the time of production.