The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silicone Folding Water Cups

- Dec 28, 2019-

           In daily necessities, daily water cups and teapots are constantly updated. There is an element for the reason that consumers value consumer goods. First, the quality of the product must be guaranteed. Second, safety and environmental protection are indispensable. Third, the convenience and simplicity of the product is also very important. With the advent of folding silicone daily necessities, consumers' needs have been maximized. Quality, convenience, safety, and environmental protection have all been solved. Then you know about silicone folding daily necessities. Is it an advantage?

           Silicone products are environmentally friendly and safe. For folding cups, the biggest advantage is that they are portable and foldable. You can imagine that it is more convenient to bring a glass cup in a backpack and an empty shell folding cup in a backpack. So its first advantage It is easy to store and carry, and the small-sized silicone kettle can be carried around.


         The second is a small footprint. Among household items, pots, bowls, and kettles require a certain amount of space for storage, and they are a little heavy, so it ’s not easy to handle them. Silicone pots and bowls and kettles are different. , Can be zoomed out at one position at any time, can place multiple folding cups, teapots, etc.


       The third point is light weight. Are the bowls we usually use weigh a couple of weights? If a family moves a bowl, it ’s estimated to be a hundred pounds, and a large silicone folding bowl is only a few dozen grams. A comparison is not a big one


        Fourth. Safety and environmental protection are the main advantages of silicone products, so it can obtain complete environmental protection performance by using silicone materials, which can be used continuously under high temperature conditions, and long-term exposure to high temperature boiling water and food has no impact, and can pass various safety Environmental protection certification.


        Fifth, drop resistance and collision resistance are also its unique advantages. Silicone folding water cups are different from glass hardware. It is a soft elastomer material. It does not have any impact when dropped from high altitude. It has a certain buffering strength. The pots and bowls are incomparable. And it has a good non-slip effect when in contact with the glass table top.

      Sixth. Exquisite appearance. It can be made into silicone folding bowls of different shapes, styles and shapes to meet the different needs of different people. The appearance color and surface pattern are adjusted to recommend different styles for people of different ages. Cartoon, retro, traditional and much more.