Soother Silicone or Latex is Better

- Jun 02, 2020-

Recently, the topic of Beckham's daughter who is seven or four years younger than him still contains pacifiers, which has caused heated discussions among netizens. Some people supported super dad Beckham, others criticized him for not understanding the common sense of parenting and hurting his daughter. Beckham also said: "Why do people always think they have the right to criticize parents with children?

Parents with children know that when a child is uncomfortable or has a fever, a pacifier is the best way to appease them. Therefore, those who want to attack other children should think twice, because in fact, you are not qualified to teach me how to be a parent! "It seems that the pacifier has really made a great contribution to Xiaoqi.


Otherwise, how could a person not be willing to "quit" at this age? The pacifier does have a good soothing effect, which can appease the baby's emotions and bring a happy satisfaction. However, there are many nipples on the market, and the materials are mainly divided into two categories. One is latex and the other is silicone. Is the pacifier silicone or latex? Let's go to details with Bian Xiao.

Latex nipple: Natural latex is a very elastic and soft material with good elasticity, easy to restore to its original state, tensile, extremely elastic, and harmless to the environment. However, due to the natural material of latex, there may be some smell of rubber, short service life and easy aging. Store carefully, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dry place. Latex nipples are usually yellow.

Silicone pacifier: made of high-quality plastic.

Silica gel can resist temperature changes, can be boiled, the surface is smooth, transparent and odorless. However, silicone is not as elastic as latex. Once the surface is damaged, it will tear easily. Silicone is relatively fragile. If you use it frequently, you should carefully check the surface for damage. If the silicone nipple shows any signs of aging, such as dark spots, scratches, teeth marks or small holes, it should be replaced immediately.

Silicone nipples are usually colorless and transparent. Therefore, it is not clear whether the nipple is good silicone or latex. These two materials have their own characteristics. -Latex is similar to skin contact and has good elasticity. It is mainly used as a pacifier material, but it is easy to age and deteriorate, and emits an odor. Although silicone is relatively durable, it lacks elasticity, is easily broken, and may be accidentally eaten by babies. Currently, silicone pacifiers are mainly sold in the market