Small Knowledge of Fabric Waterproofing Agent Hydroxy Silicone Oil

- Jul 24, 2019-


Hydroxy silicone oil, also known as dihydroxy polydimethylsiloxane, is conventionally referred to as a silicone rubber having a viscosity of 2500 mPa. In addition to the general properties of methyl silicone oil, the silicone rubber has the reactivity of hydroxyl groups, which can be used to make some new materials or crosslink into elastomers (or membranes). Today's Xiaobian is to mention the fabric waterproofing agent hydroxy silicone oil, let's learn together.

(The picture shows the fabric waterproofing agent hydroxy silicone oil)

What is the fabric waterproofing agent hydroxy silicone oil?

Hydroxy silicone oil is a colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulation and high and low temperature resistance. It has high flash point and low freezing point. It can be used for a long time from -50oC to +250oC. It has small viscosity coefficient, high compression ratio and low surface tension. It has good moisture resistance, chemical inertness and physiological inertness.

Characteristics of fabric waterproofing agent hydroxy silicone oil:

1. The medium-high viscosity product is used as the base rubber of the paper anti-adhesive agent, and the cured film has a good anti-sticking effect. Such as labeling paper, asphalt packaging paper, sealing paper with backing paper, decorative paper and other paper processing.

2, used in the electrical and electronic industry, as a main component of insulating varnish or as a component of insulators.

3. It is used as a base rubber and a diluent for condensation type room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, such as a base material for sealant and mold glue.

4. It is used instead of dimethyl silicone oil and easy to emulsify.

5, small molecule hydroxy silicone oil (25 ~ 30CP, hydroxyl content of about 8%) is an excellent structural control agent for silicone rubber, using it instead of diphenyl dihydroxy silane not only simplifies the processing technology of silicone rubber, but also improves the processing performance (province The heat treatment) also increases the transparency of the product and improves the working conditions.

6. Other applications that are not yet developed and yet to be developed.