Simple Process for Designing and Processing Silicone Products

- Jul 02, 2019-


AASIN has been engaged in the production and sales of silicone rubber products for nearly 10 years. It is a bit of experience for the formulation and production of silicone products. The following is a simple process for designing and formulating silicone products to formulating and processing. Share it for everyone:

1. First, we get the customer's silicone product order, some basic requirements and product size design drawings, to understand the product intuitive requirements;

2, requires decomposition, first set the silicone rubber varieties to meet the basic performance of the product, and then outline the outline of the formula;


3, at the same time outline the formulation of silicone products, according to the process, materials, etc. to understand the key points and difficulties;

4. By solving the difficulties, highlighting the key thinking, avoiding the trimming and resetting, and striving for perfection;

5, according to the requirements of the design of the main body, highlighting the structural characteristics of the formula, to meet the use characteristics, process adaptability; (silicone production process design / process manufacturing needs to pay attention to)

6, small coordination, test formulation design and performance testing;

7. Based on experience, anticipate the deviation of the amplification formula and implement it within the allowable range.