Silicone Rubber Excellent Medical Polymer Material

- Jun 28, 2019-


The two most widely used rubber materials are silicone rubber and polyurethane. Polyurethane has good biocompatibility, excellent mechanical properties, easy forming and controllability, and silicone rubber has physiological inertness and biocompatibility. And so on, these two materials have been discovered medically very early, and are constantly being concerned and researched by the industry.

Excellent performance

Silicone rubber is based on high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane, adding certain specific components, and then processing according to certain process requirements to produce a rubbery elastomer with a certain strength and elongation.

Silicone rubber used as a medical material has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, flexibility, permeability, high aging resistance, physiological inertia, non-adhesion to human tissues and blood, and good biocompatibility. A series of excellent properties such as non-toxic, odorless and non-carcinogenic.

As a kind of medical polymer material with excellent performance, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of professionals both in the rubber industry and in the medical field. The reason is that, firstly, it is used as a rubber medical material with high technical content, low cost, high added value, and considerable economic benefits. Second, the medical properties of silicone rubber are utilized. It can not only solve many problems in medical treatment, but also enable patients to obtain satisfactory results. Third, rubber has a wide range of sources, is easy to produce and finely processed, and has good social and economic benefits.