Silicone Products Color Introduction

- Jul 22, 2019-


The color of the silicone products can be mixed with each other to mix different original colors to produce different new colors. The mixing method is divided into the following two types:


1. Adding and mixing color shades


2. Color color mixing:


Silicone color masterbatch is an indispensable item for silicone products manufacturers. Its main process is used in the rubber mixing process. If there is no color masterbatch in the rubber mixing process, the rubber compound is transparent. After the shape is vulcanized, the transparent silica gel product is obtained. . The color of the silica gel masterbatch needs to be carefully fine-tuned to achieve good results. It is also an important technical work for silica gel manufacturers. The color can reach thousands of products with many colors that are not much different. When it is made with silica gel raw materials, it is distributed according to the corresponding ratio. The addition of vulcanizing agent can obtain the raw materials for the production of the product. The performance choice of the color masterbatch also affects the performance of a product. Our common silicone products are discolored. There are certain reasons for the choice of color masterbatch. The choice of light resistance performance, strong light resistance can be achieved without discoloration. Generally, it is divided into eight grades! Heat resistance, the better the heat resistance, the more the dispersion power High, high dispersion means that the color of the product is evenly distributed.


The colors of red, yellow and blue are the primary colors, and the colors of the original colors are called inter-color, which are orange, green and purple. The colors of the inter-colors are called complex colors, which are olive and blue. Gray, brown. details as follows:


Red + yellow = orange (intercolor) orange + green = olive green (multicolor)


Yellow + blue = green (intercolored) green + purple = blue gray (multicolor)


Blue + red = purple (intercolor) purple + orange = brown (multicolor)