Silicone Products Can Be Customized For Mold Opening?

- Jun 21, 2019-

Silicone Products Can Be Customized For Mold Opening?


Nowadays, silicone products have become popular all over the world, such as silicone gifts, silicone kitchen utensils, baby silicone products, etc. These silicone products are all custom-made. For silicone products, whether you need to open mold customization, what you need to customize silicone products, and what to know, AASIN Silicone Products Factory can tell you responsibly that silicone products need to be made by molds, because these products belong to Molded products.


Therefore, if you want to make silicone products, you can customize the mold production. The molds are divided into sample molds and large molds (for mass production). The sample molds are mainly used to determine whether the size, structure and performance of the newly developed silicone products meet the requirements.

Below are some silicone product molds made by AASIN silicone products manufacturers.

Customized mold for silicone products

What do you need for custom silicone products?

Ruibo custom-made silicone products, you only need a 2D, 3D drawings! You can open mold custom silicone products! These are not?

  It's ok! You can send samples of your silicone products to us, we can develop molds according to your samples to meet your requirements. Didn't the sample?

  It's ok! You only need to have your ideas!! AASIN engineers communicate with you, we give advice, provide free technical support, and make the silicone products you want!

In short, how do you want to customize, how to customize! Opening the mold is not a problem at all!