Silicone Products Are More Dusty? Dustproof and Antistatic Silicone Rubber is Used!

- Jul 11, 2019-


Dust-proof and anti-static silicone rubber is a two-component addition-forming silicone material. It can be cured at room temperature or warmed. It is not limited by the thickness of the long-term high-temperature resistant silicone material of the product. It can be deeply cured, except for general silicone. In addition to the characteristics of rubber, it also gives anti-static effect, the product is divided into molding and extrusion series.

Dustproof and antistatic silicone rubber product introduction:

1. Anti-static silicone has excellent anti-static function, and the surface resistance of the product is 106-109Ω.


2, anti-static silicone series of its technical requirements can be specially made according to the actual needs of customers to create dust


What are the advantages of antistatic silicone rubber?

1: Excellent antistatic performance

2: good processing performance

3: good dustproof performance

4: Suitable for various molding processes such as compression molding and extrusion molding

5: No blackout


Application areas:

Anti-static silicone rubber is used in the manufacture of various anti-static oven seals, wire and cable, hose strips, etc., anti-static properties and dust-proof silicone products, the specific anti-static coefficient, can be adjusted according to customer requirements, can be effective Eliminate static electricity accumulation, prevent static electricity and dust adhesion, and maintain a transparent and beautiful appearance.