Silicone Processing Factory Details The Silicone In-mold Transfer Process

- Nov 18, 2019-


           Multi-color integrated molding technology is a commonly used process technology for silica gel manufacturers. The process technology of the product has a relatively unpopular process processing method from the current epoxy processing method and roll printing and watermarking methods. Let silicone products achieve the effect of silk screen appearance and the three-dimensional effect of epoxy processing, and there are advantages in cost and processing technology. So what do you want to get this method?

          The silicone products produced and the epoxy gel have the same effect as the hot transfer printing. It can only be the in-mold transfer IMD technology. This processing method has been excavated long ago, but the processing methods of the products are different and the products are The difference in structure is difficult to achieve the actual effect, and secondly, the product it made is very similar to Epoxy, but it has no effect of silicone gelatinization. It is almost the same as thermal transfer, but the transferred silicone products are less. A few bright effects, so many silicone products manufacturers are willing to choose printing or dispensing does not choose it.

         This method is mostly applied to silicone jewelry, decorative gifts, and the IMD process technology for silicone surface. It also breaks through the monochrome printing technology, which can be multi-color integrated on the surface of silicone products, and can be achieved in the case of complicated structure. The effects, such as the concave-convex structure, the circular arc structure, and the groove structure, etc., have the same surface imprinting pattern as the silk screen printing effect, and can also achieve the advantages of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance and liquid resistance.

          The processing method of this process is related to the mold opening method and solid mold molding, but the silicone processing factory opens the mold differently, and there is one more pattern making process, which mainly fixes the mold surface by inserting the positioning function of the mold into the mold. It is made of high-temperature molding and fixed-printing structure. This process is suitable for other plastic, hardware and electronic toy industries, in addition to silicone products. Its main production process steps are as follows:


          Design and layout printing pattern (position according to the mold) → printed pattern film → put the pattern film and silica gel together into the silicone mold → vulcanization molding (the temperature during vulcanization can be adjusted at a fixed time of about 180 degrees) → pattern Bonding with silica gel → After film opening, the film material will automatically detach from the surface of the product, leaving only the pattern on the surface of the product - cleaning - surface injection (according to silicone products can also not spray) - QC inspection - packaging products