Silicone Edging

- Dec 27, 2019-

          When processing silicone products, it is often annoying to burr. Silicone products must be trimmed of excess burrs to make the product look better. However, because of the raw materials and processing technology of the silica gel, the burrs of the silica gel product just after production can be difficult to remove, or the good effect cannot be achieved, resulting in product cracking and other defects.



        Below we summarize why the burrs of silicone products are not easy to remove, and about the good methods of burrs:


       1. The temperature reached during vulcanization is too high or too long.


       During the curing process of silicone products, do not allow the temperature to be too high and the curing time to be too long. Once the silicone products are molded, if the temperature is too high or the curing time is too long, it will cause the silicone products to become numb or brittle after molding. , Will have a great impact on the edge.

      2. The temperature is too low or the time is too short during vulcanization.


        During the curing process, the temperature of the silicone product is too low or the time is too short, it will cause the silicone product to become brittle. The silicone product is very flexible when it is not fully cured, so it is not easy to separate the product from the burr when removing the burr.


       3. The self-disassembly design of the mold is unreasonable or the manufacturing quality is not up to standard or the mold wear time is too long.


       When the mold is designed unreasonably, and the opening is not sharp when making the mold, it will make it difficult to remove the burrs after the silicone product is formed. In addition, mold wear or excessive blasting times during the production process will also lead to rough self-removal openings, which will also affect the self-removal performance of silicone products after molding.

       4.The thickness of the silicone product is too thick in the molding


       It is best to make it as thin as possible under the condition that the product is shaped and qualified.


      5. Silicone raw material problems, the quality of silicone is also a big factor


      Poor quality silicone materials have insufficient tear strength and poor toughness, leading to direct cracking after molding.


     To sum up, there are three methods for deburring AASIN silicone products: manual removal of silicone burrs, freezing removal of silicone burrs, and mechanical trimming of silicone burrs.