Silicone Cake Mold Customization Advice: Custom And Craft Explanation!

- Oct 31, 2019-


            In recent years, the silicone model and the silicone ice tray have gradually improved in the market. Not only foreign consumers have a strong interest in it, but even some domestic catering industry and baking dessert industry can see them, so silicone cake Mold custom processing has become a demanding product, and in the process of customizing and purchasing silicone cake molds, some customers do not understand, such as the difference between the size of the hole number and the material or the production problem.

           At present, silicone rubber cake molds need to be divided into different sizes or holes and the cost. Therefore, some friends do not know how to distinguish between size and cost when ordering, so you can feel your needs according to your needs and dosage when ordering. How large the size and shape are needed, and for the silicone product manufacturer, the larger the overall size of the silicone mold, the higher the cost of the product, and the more complicated the structure of the product, the more the product process, which is also the increase and decrease of cost control.


          The silicone cake mold which is normally vulcanized from raw materials needs to be divided into several process parts, such as hardness (standard hardness, standard material, material rebound and stretching, high and low temperature resistance, etc.) vulcanizing agent (the length of curing, product Anti-yellow component, as well as deformed components, etc.) The standard for normal mixing of raw materials and vulcanizing agents (the length of mixing depends on the degree of dispersion of the colorant and vulcanization), and is subjected to high temperature molding (products are filled in the machine table) The cavity knows the high temperature molding), the main process is these steps, and the detailed operation needs to be controlled by the silicone mold manufacturer.

           For the silicone cake mold, the commonly used material sheet is produced and processed by meteorological method silicone rubber (food grade silica gel), which is more reliable in contact with human body, and is also comprehensive in performance, and ordinary silicone rubber can also be produced, only in Material properties and various aspects of performance and longevity are not guaranteed, such as poor resilience, yellowing during long-term use, no rebound, etc., so how to purchase it and use precautions need to be properly understood .