Silicone button eccentricity

- Feb 19, 2019-

In the process of production, the silicone button sometimes does not coincide with the center of gravity and the circumference. This is also known as eccentricity. The eccentricity phenomenon is a bad performance. Why is there a eccentricity phenomenon in the silicone button?

1. Mold reasons

Causing the guide post and guide sleeve of the mold to wear eccentricity

2. The mold temperature difference is too large

During the molding process, the mold temperature difference between the upper and lower molds may cause eccentricity.

3. The mold fixing position is incorrect

The mold is not fixed in the center position of the machine during the machine or production process, resulting in uneven pressure of the mold and forming the eccentricity of the conductive rubber button.

4. Template tilt

When the mold is closed, the template is tilted to one side, and the component force is generated in the horizontal direction, which causes the upper and lower molds to form an eccentricity;

5. The reason for the hot plate

The upper and lower electric heating plates of the machine are loose, deformed or not horizontal, causing the mold to be unevenly pressed during pressurization to form an eccentricity;

to sum up:

The eccentricity of the silicone button can be large or small, because it will cause the key to be biased to one side. If the load is cut, the thickness of the inclined wall will be uneven. A slight eccentricity will affect the feel of the button. The more serious eccentricity not only affects the feel of the button, but also causes the card to be keyed. At this time we have to check whether the mold itself is designed and made by mistakes. Or is it caused by improper operation during the production process? Thereby solving the eccentricity problem of the silicone button.