Silicone Baby Bite The Teeth Without Twisting, Is The Material Guaranteed?

- Oct 17, 2019-


           Infant bite is one of the basic essential items for newborns, so it is not necessary for its safety performance and reliability, but in addition to safety, silicone children's products usually have a common problem, that is, after long-term use of the product. It causes slight deformation and cannot be recovered. This phenomenon is inevitably questioned in infant products, and is brought with a hat from fake products?

          So what is the reason for the deformation of the silicone product? Can it be used? This is what consumers should know.

           For those who have long-term contact with silicone products, it should be known that silicone products usually have good resilience and tensile toughness, and slight deformation and subtle irreversibleness are also possible. Silicone children's dental gels are no exception, usually In the case of this problem, it is caused by problems in raw materials and production processes, so it is not a problem with the inferior questioning products, but the additives of the materials and the processing problems of the products.

          For the silicone product, the counterfeit product is made of the material which is completely inconsistent with the characteristics of the silica gel, and the slight deformation of the silicone product is mainly due to the difference in the addition of the auxiliary agent in the regular material and the different ingredients of the different silicone products. There are differences in the materials of the products. After the results are measured, the deformation phenomenon is mainly caused by several reasons.

Silicone oil

           The activity of silicone products and the content of silicone oil also depend on the quality of the product. If the silicone oil dose is high in the material, the long-term stress and the temperature lead to the viscosity, the more natural problems occur, and the added dose is low. , the overall toughness and tear strength of the product will be affected, and the different properties and materials of the manufacturer have unique formulations, so they also have different performance and different deformation sizes.

White carbon black

           Silica is the main silica material. The toughness and rebound strength of the product depend on the sol during the production process. The concentration of the sol, the pH value, the gelation temperature, and the placement time have a great influence on the stability of the sol. The sol content of the sol is 6.5% ~ 8.5%, and the pH is 3 ~ 3.5. The sol prepared under these conditions has good stability, and the tensile rebound of the rubber will be stable.

  Vulcanizing agent

          The catalyst is a fixed-line molding material for silica gel products. It is added during mixing and its quality can be normalized after being added in a normal proportion. The only drawback is that many silicone products manufacturers do not strictly increase the proportion during the addition process. Therefore, the binding force of the silicon molecules in the silica gel is weakened, and the resulting product is deformed after long-term tortuosity, because the bonding strength of the silicon molecules is low, the silicon molecules are broken, and the product is deformed.

Processing problem

            In the processing process, the product will be soft and hard, which will affect the toughness of the product. For example, the processing time is too short. The mold does not reach the expected time. After the product is released, the product will be soft and appear to be deformed later. However, the processing time is too long and the product is hard. A decrease in toughness results in deformation or fracture in subsequent use.

            Summary: Silicone bite and children's toys are usually normal soft materials, so due to the blending of raw materials and the cost of the product, the slight deformation of the silicone products and the inability to recover are problems that many silicone manufacturers cannot control.