Share Some Cold Knowledge in The Silicone Industry

- Aug 14, 2019-


Today, Xiaobian will share some cold knowledge about the silicone products industry. Many people may be engaged in this industry, but many do not engage in this industry, do not understand some subtle knowledge of this industry, maybe you will feel this short text Interest, maybe not interested, I hope that writing this will make a small number of interested people see it and be content.


Today Xiaobian talks with you about two minutes of this issue:


1. Most of our current silica gel plants are small companies;


2. At present, 80% of all silica gel plants have no more than 50 members;


3. At present, the domestic companies that do silica gel are mainly concentrated in Dongguan and Shenzhen;


4, the silicone industry is basically transparent, many people are a common set of abrasives;


5. The silicone industry was mainly based on international trade before, and later turned into domestic;


6. The earliest batches of silica gel industry were mainly Taiwan-funded factories, and they are basically mainland bosses at present;


7, in fact, the classification of silica gel is very fine, not all silica gel plants can do all the silica gel;


8. The most developed area of the national silicone product industry chain is the Pearl River Delta;


9. There are many adult toys that are not made of silicone material;