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- Jul 24, 2020-

A two-component addition molding liquid silicone gel with a hardness of 20 degrees, suitable for pouring or injection molding.

Main characteristics  The elastomer formed by high temperature curing has the following excellent properties:

1. Addition curing at low temperature, odorless and non-sticky.

2. Catalyzed by platinum complex, non-toxic and odorless;

3. Excellent thermal stability and cold resistance (use temperature -60℃~250℃)

5. Viscosity can be customized, suitable for pouring or injection molding

6. After molding, it has good flexibility, shock absorption, and a certain tensile strength;

Typical data

Component   Component A   B Component  

Appearance   Transparent   Transparent  

Viscosity  mpa.s Injection: 7500 Injection: 40000 Injection: 8000  Injection: 45000 

At 20°C, after the A/B components are mixed, the safe operation time in the sealed state is 1 hour, and the safe operation time is shortened when the temperature rises. 

After the A/B component is mixed by the weight ratio of 1:1, molding is carried out at 140℃×10 minutes, typical performance:  

Item  Unit  Reference Standard  Data  

Shore A hardness Shore A 20

Tensile strength MPa  5.0 

Elongation at break  %  500 

Tear strength KN/m   7.5 

Compression longer deformation  %  0.15 

Linear shrinkage  % 2.0 

Remarks: Curing conditions: 130℃×10mins. Curing conditions are for reference only in actual production. Temperature and curing time should be adjusted according to mold size and product thickness. Typical data cannot be used directly in production. Please provide detailed instructions Contact our company.

Instructions for use

1.  Injection molding process: component A and component B enter the screw cavity of the injection machine through the pumping system at a ratio of 1:1, and the material is discharged through the metering and mixing equipment for low-temperature molding (100-150) after a few seconds to obtain The cured elastomer.

2. Pouring process: Mix component A and component B at a ratio of 1:1, stir well, then vacuum to remove the bubbles, pour it into a clean mold, and put the mold into a 130 degree oven to heat and cure 10 It takes about minutes (depending on the size of the product) to form. 


According to the original factory packaging, stored in a cool and dark place with a temperature not exceeding 25°C. The shelf life of KUWART products is 180 days (according to the production date). After the product is used, if it is not used up, please seal it immediately, otherwise it will affect Storage validity period.


Component A: 20KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel

B component: 20KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel


1. The tools for taking A and B agents should be distinguished or wiped clean before use to avoid local agglomeration caused by the mixture of the two and cannot be used normally;

2. After the components A and B are mixed uniformly, they must be used up within 72 hours;

3. Avoid mixing acids, water, alkalis, strong oxidants, and avoid contact with compounds containing N, S, P, Sn and other elements during use, otherwise the product will not be vulcanized or fully vulcanized;