Ruibo Silicone Products Manufacturers Summarized the Problem of Silica Gel Production

- Jul 08, 2019-


Manufacturers using high-temperature molding processes in the silicone solid-state silicone rubber industry occupy a large majority of products on the market, and some problems are common due to the high-temperature vulcanization molding of the products. The phenomenon of yellowing, insufficient toughness, etc., Ruibo silicone products manufacturers summarized the general phenomenon of production for your reference.

 First, the production process problems, the production of air bubbles in the product, dark lines or transparent material yellowing, etc. are common phenomena in silicone products manufacturers, these problems will think of mold and vulcanization skills, the temperature is not in the mold The product that meets the specified requirements is soft, the product is partially unfamiliar, and even the color difference or yellowing phenomenon occurs. The surface of the core has flaws or the bumps that are invisible to the naked eye, resulting in a product with a wind and deformation, so when it is produced. Try to match the temperature of the mold, the pressure of the machine, and the time of vulcanization to reduce the bad phenomenon of the product.


 Second, the vulcanizing agent problem, the vulcanizing agent is divided into a high-temperature vulcanizing agent and a low-temperature vulcanizing agent, both of which have different advantages. The high-temperature vulcanizing agent is relatively quick to release the product when the raw material is prepared, the product is quickly and efficiently, and the product is resistant. The yellow effect is better, and it is generally used for some products with higher requirements for anti-yellow products, and the price of high-temperature vulcanizing agent is expensive. However, the common vulcanizing agent is also a commonly used mixture. It is relatively cheaper to use for industrial parts and sealed shock absorbing products. Different hardness products can be made of different vulcanizing agents, so the vulcanizing agent is selected reasonably !

Third, the raw material problem, the raw material material of the solid silicone rubber is different. The toughness of the different products is different. Some products must be made of high-strength raw materials. Otherwise, ordinary raw materials cannot be produced, and the products are relatively brittle or directly unfamiliar. Etc., and some products must be made of food-grade silicone rubber raw materials, otherwise the product may have long-term odor problems. For example, some products that have long been in contact with human body in daily necessities must use food grade silica gel. However, for the silicone product manufacturers, these three points must be matched with the right to make the best products. Many of the problems are basically due to the above three points.