Reasons That Affect The Rapid Curing of Liquid Silicone

- Dec 21, 2020-

1. First of all, we must be clear that there is no situation that condensation type silica gel is completely uncured, it will only cure slowly, unless you do not add a curing agent!

2. The ratio of condensed silica gel is between 100:1 and 100:4! Add curing agent, slow curing, adding curing agent, more curing block! If curing is slow, the reason is that too little curing agent is added!

3. Since condensation type silica gel can only be vulcanized at room temperature, temperature and temperature are also important factors affecting curing! If the temperature is low in winter, add the same amount of curing agent, the curing will be slower in winter!

The reasons for the slow or non-curing of addition-type liquid silicone are as follows:

1. Addition molding silicone can speed up the curing time by heating! The general ratio is 1:1 or 10:1! Of course it can be cured at room temperature! Generally curing within a few hours at room temperature is normal! It is fully cured after heating for about 10 minutes!

2. Addition molding silicone will cause the silicone to not cure. If it does not cure at all, the silicone may be poisoned! Addition-molded silica gels are non-toxic and harmless environmentally friendly silica gels. When they encounter materials that are not environmentally friendly, or use the same container as condensed silica gels, the silicone will not cure! There is no easy rescue, only scrapped!

The A component of the condensed silica gel is silica gel, and the B component is the vulcanizing agent. Generally, the ratio of the A component and the B component is 100:2 or 100:3. If you want the silicone to cure faster, you can add more vulcanizing agent, but do not exceed 5%, because the more vulcanizing agent is added, the greater the shrinkage of the corresponding silicone gel will cause the size of the cured silicone to become smaller. .