Reasonably Accelerate The Speed of Vulcanization And Increase Production Efficiency

- Jun 17, 2019-

Reasonably accelerate the speed of vulcanization and increase production efficiency



    In the silicone products industry, many manufacturers have encountered emergency customer orders. Sometimes it may not be possible to deliver the goods to the customer on time for a small reason, causing the customer to lose trust and lose the customer. Although this phenomenon does not cause many problems caused by product quality, but delays in delivery and do not give back to customers on time, it is related to the integrity of the enterprise. Therefore, apart from external factors (such as logistics, express delivery, etc.), each process of the manufacturer needs to achieve a certain speed and efficiency, which can guarantee the delivery date and win the reputation of the company.

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    Most of the silicone products industry uses the vulcanization molding process for production. Accelerating the vulcanization molding time is the main way to shorten the production period of the product, and the length of the vulcanization molding time depends on the operator, the machine and the raw materials.

For the operator, picking and picking is the most important factor. The placement is accurate and the picking speed is fast. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best placement position in the first time to ensure the yield rate of the product and the secondary placement speed; in order to ensure smooth exhaust when arranging the holes, the pressure of the machine can be appropriately adjusted; if the mold is small, The tool can be used to ensure that all air in the mold is discharged to speed up the vulcanization.


    In terms of machinery and equipment, under the premise of ensuring product quality, the vulcanization temperature can be reasonably adjusted to reduce the vulcanization time. However, the temperature increase will have an impact on the hardness of the product. The solution is to synchronously adjust the time of placing the material and entering and exiting the mold.

The poor quality of silica gel raw materials will also affect the efficiency of vulcanization molding and product quality. High-efficiency Perkin vulcanizing agents can be selected to ensure the quality of finished products and increase the speed of sulfur formation. In addition, raw edge cleaning, packaging and other aspects will also have an impact on product shipping speed. Therefore, the deburring and packaging personnel must be proficient in the method of quick deburring and win time for the subsequent process.