Problems with common principles of silicone products

- May 21, 2019-

At present, silicone products are widely used, mainly because they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and they are safe to use. Of course, we will also encounter some minor problems, then you will not be troubled by some minor problems sometimes occurring in the purchased silicone products. What about you? For example, I feel that the silicone sleeve I bought is too weak; or I am not resistant to high corrosion chemicals. These are all for a reason, then let's share the root cause.


I feel that the tension of the product is too bad: it is the difference in the pulling strength of the purchased product, the resilience is small, and even the phenomenon of pulling off. This phenomenon can be found from the manufacturer of the silicone product. The reason can also be found from the raw materials, due to the addition of silicone oil. Excessive factors, the second point is due to the use of silicone molds with low hardness to build products. Because the silica gel is too soft, the function is not strong enough. After all, the tensile strength and tear strength are reduced, and the resulting mold is simply deformed. The number of molds is reduced! There are also some small products with complicated markings. Because the silicone is too hard for too long, it will be very brittle! Simply break, and using a hard silicone mold to open the mold will also reduce the number of times the mold silicone is turned over! The viscosity of the silica gel raw material causes the tear resistance and elongation of the raw materials of different hardness to cause a decrease in the life of the product.

Why silicone products are not resistant to high-corrosion chemicals: What is the reason why silica gel can withstand high temperature of about 200 degrees but can not withstand high corrosion products? In fact, silicone oil is one of the main reasons. Silicone oil can be mixed with sulfurized to make catalysts with different compositions. Its viscosity can also be adjusted with alkaline substances, so adding as little silicone oil as possible in the silica raw material can avoid conflict with highly corrosive chemicals.