Practical Household Silicone Products-Silicone Steamer Mat

- May 08, 2019-

Silica gel non-stick steamer mat has no toxic product use instructions, silicone steamer mat is now produced and sold in the market more products, the quality of this product is much simpler than the general mat operation and the quality is also very good, we can Use a silicone steamer mat to make a series of steamed products such as steamed buns or buns.


Silicone steamer mat

Silicone non-stick steamer mat is a food-grade material. This product has also been machined to form a silicone steamer mat. It is very convenient for some food factories or bun shops, and the silicone steamer mat is very High temperature resistance and difficulty in entering water vapor, the buns stick to the product mat during the process of use. Therefore, we can use this product with confidence every day. The silicone steamer mat will not be decomposed in high temperature environment. Toxic substances or gases affect our use.


Mesh steamer mat

The silicone steamer mat product itself is free of any toxic substances and chemical synthesis, so we can use silicone products with confidence. The silicone steamer mat can only be used for steaming steamed buns or steamed buns. It cannot be used for baking. If we want Bake other meat or bread food can only use silicone baking mat, and the silicone steamer mat product is also very convenient to clean, we just put the used steamer mat in warm water to infuse, then wipe it with a brush It can be clean and can be used repeatedly.