Popularization of professional knowledge, explanation of coloring methods for silicone products

- Jun 12, 2019-

Popularization of professional knowledge, explanation of coloring methods for silicone products



  Under normal conditions, the solid silica gel raw material is milky white or transparent white, and the silicone products visible on the market after molding have different colorful brilliance. So, how do manufacturers or custom processing plants accurately color them according to customer requirements? Unlike other industry products, silicone products have their own unique industry coloring methods, and these professional coloring methods have become industry knowledge. According to different treatment methods, the coloring methods of silicone products are mainly divided into two types: finished surface coloring and rubber compounding and coloring. The following are brief and brief explanations.

  The method of coloring the surface of the product, the method is more effective for the static silicone product, and for the dynamic product, the coloring agent used is easy to peel off, and the phenomenon of color fading often occurs. The main step is to spray the colorant onto the finished surface and finish the coloring by baking or other procedures.


  Mixing coloring method is mainly divided into two methods: solution method coloring and mixing method coloring. Among them, the mixing and coloring method includes color masterbatch coloring, color paste coloring, dry powder coloring, and pellet coloring. First, the solution method is colored, that is, a solution of a certain concentration is formed by dissolution of the compound and a specific solvent. Then, the coloring agent and the silica gel compounding agent are added to the solution, mixed and stirred, uniformly dried under appropriate temperature conditions to remove the solvent, and finally sulfur is added to the rubber mixing machine. This method is complicated and has certain difficulties. If the colorant and the compounding agent are unevenly dispersed, there will be phenomena such as chromatic aberration, difficulty in recycling the solvent, and pollution of the environment. Therefore, the application of this method in the industry is decreasing. Second, the coloring of the mixing method is currently the most practical method in the silicone product industry. The coloring agent is directly added or mixed with the carrier and then added to the raw material, and then uniformly mixed by the rubber mixing machine to color the rubber compound.