Points to pay attention to in the production process of piano silicone buttons

- Jan 28, 2019-

I believe that friends who have used the piano should know that the piano will have a two-touch process when the button is pressed, which will produce a high-low effect. This is the difference between the piano silicone button and other buttons. Only the manufacturer who has made the piano button I will understand why this design is needed. If it is the first time to contact such a button manufacturer, they will definitely think that the customer's design has a problem.

Today, for everyone to explain, the piano silicone button production should pay attention to several aspects:

1. Because the silicone buttons are high and low, the black jigs produced need to be made into two sets, separated by high and low, in order to prevent double black particles in the production process. If there are double black particles, The occurrence of the button is not possible, because the key stroke of the double black particles becomes longer, resulting in no function.

2. Piano silicone button has higher requirements on life, at least 1 million times. Therefore, high-life and high-quality silica raw materials should be used when selecting materials and oblique wall design. The inclined wall needs to be designed into a bowl shape to meet the high life requirement standard. .

3. The piano silicone button has higher requirements on the load, and the general requirement is 75+/-15G with low tolerance. If the load is too high or the margin is large, it is difficult to control the pressing force during normal use, which ultimately affects the sound quality found by the piano.

4. Because the piano is a high-grade product, there is no smell, so the button must be re-sulphurized to remove the vulcanizing agent and pigment remaining in the button.