Parents' Preferred After 90 Children's Silicone Products

- Jul 08, 2019-


After 90, they have become parents. They choose children's daily necessities to pay more attention to quality, environmental protection and health. Nowadays, the most safe and environmentally friendly material is children's silicone products made of food grade silicone.

Children's silicone products for children's silicone products:


Nowadays, children's tableware, toys and protective products are on the market. The quality of products directly affects the healthy growth of infants and young children. The reason why children's healthy growth is valued by parents is because too many product safety problems cause children to be harmful. The choice of silicone material by parents is also a basic trust in the product and has a certain understanding of the silicone material, which is the food grade silica gel that everyone recognizes.

Production principle of children's silicone products:

General silicone products manufacturers use food grade silica raw materials to adapt to children's hardness production, after high temperature oil pressure molding in the mold, which does not add any harmful substances to the body, the product color glue is environmentally friendly, to add a variety of bright colors It is selected by children and can be safely distributed to the market for distribution after being monitored and certified by the FDA Food Administration.

Market prices for children's silicone products:

Children's silicone products are now widely used in Europe and the United States, Asia-Pacific countries, etc., so many silicone manufacturers are well aware of the process and production. For example, Ruibo silicone products manufacturers are doing dust-free production for daily necessities and children's tableware products. In addition to high quality materials, it is good for the production of bright color products, in order to prevent black spots in the products, and strictly pass the food-grade testing and certification to ensure the green and environmental safety performance of children's products.