Operation Steps Of Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Rubber

- Feb 02, 2021-

Rolling, calendering or extrusion, pressing, conveying, injection molding and trimming of the final product, while liquid silicone rubber molding requires only one step: injection molding. This processing method has simple equipment. The commonly used equipment with high energy consumption in rubber processing, such as rolling mills, extruders and heavy presses, can be replaced by fixed mixers and light injection molding machines, with short processing cycles and general small parts It only takes 10s, no mixing and pre-forming are needed. The precise metering and conveying are controlled by the general system, which can realize automatic operation. In addition, due to the low injection pressure and rapid vulcanization, the product has no burrs.

Injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a kind of addition molding liquid silicone rubber. It uses its own low viscosity (it has certain fluidity and indefinite shape before vulcanization) and is easy to use metering and mixing equipment to feed materials. The special injection molding equipment accurately and automatically feeds, mixes, injection molds the two components, and then quickly vulcanizes to form products.

The injection molding process has gradually replaced the traditional molding process, and has many advantages: the liquid injection molding process is used for vulcanization molding, accurate measurement, and less material waste; low vulcanization temperature, short molding product cycle, lower production costs; high product accuracy and complex processing Shaped products; no by-products in the vulcanization process, no need for two-stage vulcanization; products have excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, non-toxicity, high transparency, high mechanical strength, and good elasticity [1-2]. Therefore, liquid injection molded silicone rubber has become the material of choice in the fields of daily rubber products such as baby products, daily products, electrical insulation material processing, and kitchen accessories manufacturing, and it is one of the fastest-growing products in silicone rubber.