Notes For Silicone Pad Production

- Sep 05, 2019-


    As we all know, silicone pad has excellent insulation and skid resistance, good heat insulation performance!Good quality silica gel pad use life is longer, convenient and affordable, when we choose and buy pad, presumably we will choose a thicker silica gel pad, as our silica gel products factory, in the production of silica gel pad thickness asked to pay attention to what?      

    First let's first understand the basic characteristics of silica gel pad, silica gel is a kind of highly absorbent material, insoluble in water and other solvents, its chemical formula is mSiO2·nH2O!The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine his and the general silica gel many special points, such as some silica gel adsorption than the general silica gel is much higher!Silicone pad in normal circumstances can be used between -40℃-230℃!Widely used in furniture, electronics, industry and other industries!Silicone pad has its own characteristics, the use of products and can be divided into: silicone gasket, thermal thermal silicone pad and thermal insulation silicone pad three categories!Silicone gasket is mainly used in industrial machinery and equipment more, thermal conductivity silicone gasket and thermal insulation silicone gasket for electronic products and household products more!

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     There are many kinds of silica gel pads, but most of the silica gel pads are selected molding process production, molding production does have many advantages, but it is not that there is no harm, according to customer requirements to produce a thinner silica gel pad, some manufacturers have no release!Usually, according to the mold industry specifications, the thickness of less than 1.0mm silicone products are not very successful production.Because the self-dismantling thread of mould margin has reached 1.0mm, if the glue in the middle is thinner than the glue on the side, technically speaking, it cannot be realized.However, it is not excluded that some silica gel products manufacturers do have their own unique production process, some can achieve the thickness of 0.5mm, and some even can achieve the thickness of 0.3mm, which sounds a little strange.