Note On The Processing Of Silicone Sealing Ring Below 3mm Diameter!

- Oct 15, 2019-


           In essence, the silicone sealing ring can be said to be the best processed product in the silicone industry, whether it is from the mold process or the product release and the product trimming and inspection, but the product is too small. Any process is still an old event, and you can't hold your hand! Not to mention the use of eyes to look at the side, so there is still a certain difficulty in the processing of small silicone seals, but in general, many silicone manufacturers can control and smoothly ship from several aspects, then for small silicone What should you pay attention to under the premise of sealing ring processing?

           1. The mold of the product is one of the most important. For example, the size of the two-mm diameter silicone sealing ring is relatively small, so it is necessary to select high-quality steel on the mold steel. The mold core will not be eccentrically exposed, and the mold will be rough during processing. And the milling cutter is more important, followed by the CNC's tool setting and the patrol edge must be within 0.01 mm. Otherwise, the tool compensation loss plus the machine loss may cause the product to be undetached. Good model!

          2, the rubber material has a certain impact on the quality of the product, the main reason is because the product is too small, the ordinary rubber toughness may not reach, and the high tensile strength of the rubber is strong, and there will be stronger tensile strength during the processing. The splitting is easier to remove, and there is no burr or the like.

         3, time and temperature control during processing, machine time and temperature to manage, vulcanization time is too short, low temperature products will appear too soft and the hardness will not change, the product deformation can not rebound, the temperature is too high, the time is too long, the product The quality is too brittle and the tear strength is less likely to break.

         4, the product is too small to be too slow or unstable, then you need to self-demolition fine on the mold, self-demolition is better in the edge trimmer to adjust the corresponding size for the edge, automatic demolition after the ongoing Random inspection.

          The above is the processing precautions for the silicone sealing ring of 3mm or less. In general, whether it is a silicone sealing ring or other small silicone rubber products, it is inevitable that the product will be too small in the processing country, and the phenomenon of too large burrs will be the first thing that should be thought of. Starting from the top of the mold, the problem can be solved by controlling from the production process.