Night Light No Longer Afraid Of Darkness, Warm Heart And Eye Protection

- Nov 29, 2019-

            Whenever I do n’t want to sleep after turning off the lights at night, I want to lie in bed, watch TV or read a novel, I ca n’t sleep at night but I am afraid of darkness, or I suddenly want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, but it ’s dark, sometimes I use my mobile Lighting can hurt your eyes. Then let's talk about the night light that can save electricity and protect the eyes, which is very suitable for the functional touch night light.


             This touch-screen is stylish and simple in appearance. It has seven colors, which can be changed by touch. The built-in 600mAh USB rechargeable battery is made of environmentally friendly soft silicone + plastic. The 600mAh battery capacity is fully charged It can be used for about 10 hours. You only need to tap or touch it to change the seven colors at will. Made of environmentally friendly soft silicone, you can pinch it when you are unhappy, and pat it when you are troubled. The soft light protects the eyes better, and the energy-efficient LED has a translucent lampshade to effectively protect the eyes from softness and glare!


          This silicone night light has an irregularly tapered design. Soft silicone material, touch the inductive switch to change the light off, multi-color colorful gradient effect, USB charging mode, and the luminous lighting function, bring soft and romantic light to your night, a variety of shapes to choose from, add fun to life .