Nice And Durable AirPods Case

- Dec 03, 2019-


            When AirPods need to be charged, it will always cause loss to the beautiful and delicate case. The AirPods case is a single white and small. Especially for friends who don't usually pay much attention, it is easy to slide off the ground and accidentally damage the AirPods case, so today we recommend several good-looking and durable AirPods protective cases.

[Name]: AirPods Silicone Headphone Case | iPhone Silicone Headphone Case | Customizable Logo Pattern

[Material]: Soft silicone material

[Size]: 58 * 48 * 26mm

[Color]: multi-color optional, can be customized according to Pantone color card number

[Accessories]: hanging ring, dust plug

[Packing]: Silicone sleeve * 1, hanging ring * 1

[Features]: The surface is made of micro-frosted technology, anti-static, no fingerprints and no dust.



Silicone Airpods Protective Case Airpods Earphone Protective Case Earphone Charging Storage Protective Box

Material: Food Grade Silicone

Weight: 11g

Thickness: 2mm

Color: gray, white, black

Size: 47 * 40 * 22mm

Customization: customizable logo

Features: According to the original box line design, after repeated tests for better protection, strong softness, no deformation after kneading, anti-pressure shock absorption and drop resistance, the product comes with a watch hanging buckle, which can be worn on the watch strap On, easy to carry, firm and not fall off


Silicone Airpods Case

Silicone Airpods Storage Case Apple Airpods Watch Strap Sport Headphone Storage Case

Material: soft silicone material

Style: 3 models

Color: white, black, gray, khaki

Brand: Rongjin

Place of Origin: Guangdong, Shenzhen

Function: It is mainly used to store and carry Apple Airpods headphones. It can be worn on Apple Apple Watch or other brands of watches and fingers. It is suitable for straps less than 23mm wide, which brings convenience to sports carrying headphones.


Silicone Airpdods storage case

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Headset Charging Case Cover | New Airpods Headphone Cover

Product color: red, green, yellow, purple, white, pink, gray (multi-color optional)

Product specifications: length 5cm * width 2.4cm * height 5.5cm

Product thickness: 1.6cm

Product weight: 5g

Material: Silicone

Product model: FSO107

Support customization: Yes (customizable logo)

Product features: soft skin-friendly silicone, 360 ° all-round protection without dead ends, easy to carry without load.

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Headset Charging Case Cover

The above is the AirPods protective case recommended for everyone today. It is not only beautiful but also practical. Have you equipped your AirPods with protective cases?