Mold Silica Gel Production Method Filling Mold And Split Mold

- Aug 10, 2020-

First of all, prepare the mold glue; mix the liquid mold silicone and curing agent according to the proportion, and put it into the vacuum machine to vacuum and drain the bubbles

If you use brushing to make a sheet mold or a split mold, apply a layer of release agent or release agent to the surface of the mold before painting, and then apply the liquid silicone after vacuuming and defoaming on the product ( Note: Be sure to paint evenly) After waiting for 30 minutes, stick a layer of gauze or glass fiber cloth on the surface to increase the strength, and then apply a second layer of silica gel. After the silica gel is dry, make an outer mold. Use plaster or resin and other materials, and the specific materials used depend on the actual situation.