Manufacturers teach you the right choice of silicone kitchen utensils

- Dec 31, 2019-

Manufacturers teach you the right choice of silicone kitchen utensils

Silicone kitchenware is a kind of daily kitchenware for daily household cooking. It is also a silicone product. Its safety and quality are very important. When we buy, we must find a regular manufacturer to buy, and we need food with products. Level environmental protection certification test report, or raw material FDA, LFGB certification test report, when buying, we should also pay attention to choose the kitchenware suitable for our own use, to correctly distinguish the use of individual kitchenware, must use the nose to sniff one Smell the smell of the product to see if it has a pungent smell. If it does, it must be poorly used. It will inevitably endanger health if used for a long time. Strict silicone kitchenware should not have any odor when it is hot and cold. Wiping on white paper will not cause any discoloration. The following are the specific details of the good silicone kitchen.

       Good silicone kitchen utensils are formed by food-grade high-temperature flowing flowers. The molding temperature is above 230 degrees, which is basically high temperature, but this cannot be used as a standard for identifying good silicone kitchen utensils. So what is the standard of good silicone kitchen utensils?

       High-quality silicone kitchenware is mainly because the materials are different. The products produced by ordinary silicone kitchenware produced by ordinary silica gel have a great taste, especially some other substances added in the material, which makes it have a great irritating taste. However, the silicone kitchenware produced with good silicone raw materials mainly refers to food-grade silicone. This raw material is more expensive and is several times higher than ordinary silicone, so the corresponding unit price will be much more expensive, but such products are Safe and reliable to use.

We are a professional manufacturer of silicone kitchen utensils. We mainly use food-grade silicone to make them. For example, rubber gifts are products with particularly high requirements. They must be made of food-grade silicone. Our product testing is very strict. We only make good products, rest assured products.