Liquid Silicone Color Mixing Treatment

- Dec 21, 2020-

Liquid silica gel is divided into addition type silica gel (1:1) and condensation type silica gel (100:2-5)

Addition silica gel coloring: add environmentally friendly silica gel color paste (color paste) to the addition molding silica gel B component at a ratio of two thousandths; first start stirring from the wall and slowly stir in, instead of dug out the color paste Throw it directly into the middle of agent B, which will cause the color paste to not scatter.

Condensed silica gel toning: add the color paste (color paste) to the curing agent at a ratio of two thousandths, and also start stirring from the container wall, mixing in little by little.

Remarks: It is recommended that the adding ratio of color paste should not exceed five thousandths (total weight of silica gel)

1. Prepare silicone, and then there are pastels, don’t know what pastels? Art supplies are sold, domestic ones are very cheap; grind pastel or scrape it with a knife and make it into powder (if you make it into slag, it’s not right, it’s powder).

2. Weigh an appropriate amount of curing agent (I am about 100: 2~4), pour the prepared powder into the silicone curing agent and stir evenly. Note here that the powder is dyed, not made by madness Pasty, hehe, the color is dark enough, so you can use bright or dark enough color to add;

3. Pour the curing agent with toner into the silicone and stir. At this time, your silicone is white, and the curing agent liquid is dark blue. Imagine that you will not see the color difference until you mix it evenly, and finally the entire silicone All turned into light blue; of course, this mixing process still requires careful attention to the color mixing of silicone and curing agent;