Know The Conductive Silicone Products, What Is Its Function?

- Oct 18, 2019-


            Speaking of conductive silicone products, it is estimated that many friends do not know its role, but it is estimated that the button remote control and the like will think of its function, the development of the conductive silicone products in the years of rapid development of the silicone button remote control and the prospects Breakthrough development, until today, it is still popular among remote control buttons and electronic touch pens. It is one of the organic silicone materials, but there are some differences from conventional silicone products.

          The conductive silica gel material is mainly added with nickel-coated graphite powder, copper powder and other conductive particles into the silicone rubber raw material, and the conductive particles are in contact with each other to achieve good electrical conductivity. The main electronic seal, electromagnetic shielding and various kinds of products Resistance function compound, and secondly, it can adjust the surface resistivity by adding different conductive particles, which can achieve different effects from 0.5 to 2000 Ω*cm.

         Conductive silicone products must be subjected to a certain compressive force in order to conduct electricity well, so the structural design must ensure that the proper pressure is not excessive. The optimum height of the sheet is 7 to 15%; the solid circular shape and the D-shaped optimum height are 12 to 30%; the tubular and P-shaped optimum height is 20 to 60%. High temperature and high pressure vulcanization is formed by platinum or double "2,5" vulcanizing agent. Do not touch the open flame to prevent direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place, keep it ventilated and dry.


         In daily life, we can see the use of conductive silicone everywhere, such as conductive black particles in silicone remote control buttons, flat silicone conductive pens, conductive watch tapes, conductive silicone sheets and silicone gaskets, etc. It is also used in a variety of happy technologies such as military weapons, construction equipment, and aerospace technology.

        In the process, the conductive silica gel is the same as the ordinary silica gel product, and the silicone molding processing factory can select the molding molding process as well as the extrusion molding process and the liquid injection, etc., unlike its function and material addition materials.