Is Silicone Really Poisonous?

- Oct 06, 2020-

Silica gel itself is a chemical substance. Under normal circumstances, the color of silica gel is diverse, some are toxic and some are non-toxic. Many hospitals use silica gel for breast augmentation, so silica gel is harmless to the body. However, there are Some silicone manufacturers or silicone manufacturers will use some bad silicone, which will inevitably be harmful.

Silicone raw materials

Silicone is relatively tough when placed on the hand, and it has very good elasticity. It will never deform and will become smoother and smoother. Some bad silicone products will definitely be edged and rougher.

In all respects, silica gel itself is a non-toxic and high-quality product. It does not harm the body at all. It can be used safely. In our daily life, especially in plastic surgery hospitals, it is the most common one when used as a material. I planted it, usually using silica gel to make the chin, chest, nose and other common key parts. Many people use this to change their own deficiencies, so it is deeply liked by the public. This can be used directly and safely.

 Silicone material

Among all silica gels, the use of materials in one of its daily consumer products has a history of about 60 years. Most people use the more common silicone, which can also be used as the outer membrane of the heart valve. It can be protected, but many medical devices use urinary system tissue expanders in silicone. All silicones are reliable and easy to sterilize. Therefore, whether medical devices are injected into the human body or not, silicone can be used as a material. While using it, the following points need to be noted is that although silicone does not However, it is used as a material and placed on a medical device to implant the body. During the operation, it is not necessarily without any risk. Safety is very important. We need to pay attention to this point. When we use it, it is best to First understand the knowledge content in this area, and then choose it to use.