Is Silica Gel Lunch Box Poisonous? Can it Withstand High Temperature?

- Jan 02, 2020-

Is Silica Gel Lunch Box Poisonous? Can it Withstand High Temperature?

  I believe that many people would like to know if silica gel lunch boxes are poisonous and heat-resistant.

Silica gel lunch box I believe that many families in our country are still unfamiliar, so far many families are very good at choosing traditional ceramic tableware. But in fact, silica gel lunch boxes have entered our lives, and many people will question these emerging products, so can silica gel lunch boxes be used safely? Next AASIN silica gel products factory will share with you.


Silicone lunch box

  When it comes to silica gel, a lot of people's cognition about silica gel comes from human body shaping. Silicone rubber has been proved to be a very healthy and safe silica gel material, and it has become an essential thing in our life.

  As early as in some European countries, silica gel kitchenware has replaced many ceramic and stainless steel kitchenware, and all silica gel kitchenware they use in contact with food is made in China.

Silicone foldable lunch box

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  Why foreigners use silica gel products in contact with food so safely and safely is related to the perfect product inspection standards in their country. In foreign countries, if silica gel products want to be sold locally, all silicone rubber products must meet the relevant food level test standards, such as FDA standards in the United States. In China, because of the nonstandard market, there are many loopholes, a large number of unqualified products flow into the market, which aggravates the fear of consumers.

  Silica gel three grid lunch box

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  Of course, regular silica gel kitchenware manufacturers are in line with the national food level standards, and they can safely purchase and use silica gel kitchenware after completion. In addition, pay attention to these when purchasing silica gel lunch boxes, understand the brand and product parameters, so as to avoid buying fake products, which will harm the interests of consumers.

What are the advantages of silica gel lunch box?

1. The silica gel lunch box is molded with food grade silica gel material, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and environmental friendly.

2. The silica gel lunch box can be folded, does not occupy space, does not absorb oil, and is easy to clean. It has the function of desiccant, so it will not be moldy or deteriorated due to long-term storage.

3. The suitable temperature of silica gel lunch box and food temperature is better. Whether the food is cold or hot, silica gel lunch box can protect the temperature of the food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in the silica gel container can keep the original temperature after a period of time, and has a good heat insulation effect, so that it will not be scalded.

Round silica gel lunch box

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4. Compared with ceramics, the silicone lunch box is characterized by falling resistance and no noise when falling on the ground. China's commonly used ceramic tableware is good, but it is fragile, and plastic tableware can withstand falling, but the hardness of plastic is very large, there may be cracks and cracks after falling, silica gel lunch box can be dropped at will, without fear of damage.

5. Good heat resistance. The heat resistance of silica gel is very good. It will not deform or deteriorate at 240 ℃. -It can be used for steaming, boiling, baking and so on.

6. Silicone tableware is easy to clean. Silica gel is easy to clean because it does not get oil and does not absorb oil.

7. Diversified colors and shapes. According to the needs of users, we can make all kinds of colors and shape all kinds of silica gel lunch boxes.