Introduction to The Comprehensive Information of Silicone Printing

- Apr 14, 2020-

In the production process of silicone products, the printing process of characters and patterns on the surface of silicone products is currently widely used. Although there are many processes that can achieve surface printing, the most commonly used is the pad printing process, so pad printing silk screen What is the process flow?

1. Preparation before printing

1. The pattern is engraved on the printing lithography

2. The printing ink is evenly coated on the pattern range on the steel plate

3. The silicone rubber pads transfer the ink from the steel plate pattern to the surface of the substrate.

Points to note: pad printing can only print one color at a time. There are several colors for the design of the pattern content. Several steel plates need to be made, and each color is printed separately.


2. The printing process

1. Ink is evenly coated on the steel plate

2. The pad printer starts

3. The silicone pad printing head descends onto the steel plate

4. Stick the ink on the character pattern to the silicone pad

5. The printing head is shifted above the substrate and descends, the ink on the surface of the silicone printing head is transferred to the surface of the substrate.

Final summary: The pad printing process is an important process in the silicone products factory at present. Because the pad printing silicone head has a soft function, the pad printing can complete the printing of the large convex or concave substrate surface. This is the soft characteristic of the silicone head. Pad printing usually prints on the surface of products with higher hardness. However, clever application of the printing process can greatly improve the efficiency of the silicone products factory.