Industrial equipment silicone button and remote control silicone button life standard

- Jan 31, 2019-

Many customers have doubts about the service life of industrial silicone buttons. We use silicone button manufacturers to solve the problem. Is the service life of industrial silicone buttons the same as ordinary remote control silicone buttons?

We can be very responsible to say that the service life is completely different, then, how do we guarantee the service life of the silicone buttons of industrial equipment?

In the button industry, the service life of silicone buttons has many factors to consider. From the production point of view, we can optimize on the production of raw materials.

In the silicone button industry, the life of silicone buttons is affected by many factors. From the aspect of production, the first is the problem of the quality of raw materials.

In terms of quality, we have a two-dimensional image measuring instrument for the products with very strict size requirements. We have high resistance to the surface of the silicone button. We have RCA tape wearer and multifunction. Friction tester, we have a load gauge for the silicone button with strict load requirements. We have strict requirements on the life of the silicone button. We have the silicone button life instrument for control. For the appearance of the silicone button surface, we have AOI appearance. The detector makes the final check.