Identification And Selection Method of Condensation Mold Silicone

- Aug 14, 2020-

How to choose silicone for mold silicone

The silica gel on the market is a mixture of brands and models. Without careful identification, it is difficult to find the silica gel suitable for your product. When choosing silica gel, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose glue, choose glue for product. Silicone has many properties, and the quality and model of each manufacturer are different. First of all, we must understand what kind of silica gel your product needs, and find the silica gel that is probably suitable for you according to your needs.

2. When choosing glue, pay attention to quality. The quality and price of silica gel on the market are uneven. To find the silica gel required for a suitable product, it is not only the product description performance, but also the raw materials used in the product. Manufacturers choose different raw materials, different prices, and different quality

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Identify the quality of mold silicone

1. The brightness is good, the purity of this kind of silica gel is high, and the product with black and impurity is that the distributor adds a few yuan per kilogram of powder to reduce the cost.

2. With the same weight, the larger the volume, the better. Small size products, high density, the main reason is the addition of dense and low-priced powder

3. After buying for a certain period of time, the silicone has layered, the top looks like oil, the bottom is powder, this kind of mold silicone is inferior.

Remarks: Those long plus powders may be gypsum powder, calcium carbonate, quartz powder, etc.

Selection of large product mold silicone:

1. High hardness, 28-38 degree hardness has the characteristics of no deformation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and no expansion.

2. The shrinkage rate is better, and the number of multiple molds is more

3. Good tensile force, good elasticity and good tearing degree, not only make your product beautiful, but also make your product not deformed.

4. Easy to operate and paint.