How to Use Solid Silicone Dolls

- Jul 03, 2019-


Disinfect with disinfectant spray before use, or disinfect with disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton wipes. Apply body lubricant to keep the inside of the appliance clean enough or wear a very lubricated condom. If the inside of the appliance is not sufficiently lubricated, it will easily cause cracks in the colloidal product at the entrance and exit of the appliance. After use, rinse the lubricating fluid inside the appliance with tap water, disinfect it with a disinfectant spray. Use disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton wiper to disinfect the inside. Then put the appliance into warm water to clean 2- 3 minutes, dry naturally or dry the towel to dry the inside and the surface of the appliance, and store it in the dark.

Solid silicone doll use

Silicone doll clothing wear method:

Although the silicone dolls can move in the limbs, they have a certain range of activities. When you wear clothes for the dolls, to protect the baby's skin, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Anti-adhesive can use scorpion powder. Doll surface is sticky. You should wear scorpion powder or talcum powder before wearing clothes. If static electricity is present, use a static spray. Do not spray too much.

2. Prevent the limbs from bending too much. When wearing clothes, please twist your arms too high, which may cause the silicone surface of the doll to rupture.

3. Pay attention to scratches. Do not wear clothing and accessories with sharp edges. It is possible to cut the doll. If the clothes have sharp buttons or chains and other accessories. Be careful when wearing it.

4. When the ear hole or umbilical hole, with earrings and other accessories, you can use a thin wire or needle to puncture the hole in the silicon cavity, but can not exceed the diameter of o.5mm, and can not be cut with a knife and a magazine. After wearing the earrings Can't pull, in case the doll breaks.

5. Prevent dyeing. Some clothes are made of dyed artificial leather or other oily dyeing materials. This long-term contact with the leather or fabric may cause the color to break into the interior of the doll, causing the doll's skin to change color. Do not wear this doll for a long time. Class clothing, so as not to cause discoloration of the doll.


Silicone doll repair method

For silicone doll repair methods:

a. Silicone dolls are very soft and can be easily broken, wrinkled or even damaged if used improperly. In use, once the baby's skin breaks, stop using it and repair it. It can be repaired first with a repair agent.

b. Although the silicone product is soft, it may be cracked and wrinkled or even damaged if it is used improperly. In use, do not use sharp objects to touch the surface of the silicone (some people like to use the nails to force the breasts and other parts, try softness, often leave the nail prints unfortunately, should not be avoided.), do not cut the silica gel, once the silica gel is produced The incision will easily tear along the direction of the incision when it continues to be used, causing complete damage. Once the doll breaks, stop using it and repair it. Please use our silicone adhesive when repairing. If there is a crack, please adjust the doll to the position where the crack is closed, clean the crack and the surrounding stains. After drying, apply the adhesive to the crack, fix the crack, and wait for the adhesive to dry and solidify. It takes 24 hours for the silicone adhesive to fully cure. Do not move the doll during the period. Please contact us for details. We will answer you one by one.