How To Taste Silica Gel Tea Leak

- Oct 08, 2020-

The newly bought silica gel tea leak has smell, does it smell normal? During the production of silica gel tea leakage, the manufacturer has done deodorization treatment. Since silica gel has adsorption property, it is easy to absorb odor in workshop, so silica gel tea leakage products have smell.


How does silica gel tea leak taste? Deodorization method

1. Boiled water to taste

The newly bought silica gel tea leakage should be cleaned with detergent, soaked in boiling water for two hours, and then dried. This is the simplest way to remove the odor of silicone products.

2. Orange peel to taste

First, clean the silica gel tea leakage with detergent, then fill it with fresh orange peel, cover it and let it stand for one night. Then clean it.

3. Toothpaste deodorization

First squeeze the toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush the silicone teacup up and down in a clockwise direction. After foaming, wash your silicone tea leakage with boiling water.

4. Milk to taste

First clean the silicone tea leakage with detergent, then pour in some fresh milk, press and shake for about one minute, then pour out the fresh milk and wash it.