How to solve the problem of multicolor silicone button color

- Jan 18, 2019-

For multi-color silicone buttons, how to solve these multiple color cross-colors? As a professional silicone button manufacturer, we have more than 1000 multi-color silicone button design experience. Today, we will explain the problem of multiple colors of silicone buttons.

1. The color KEY is formed directly in the cavity.

Operation method: cut the color KEY with the rubber KEY type by the rubber material, and then insert the color KEY into the cavity of the mold according to the different distribution of the color on the silicone button to complete the vulcanization. For a large number of cases, you can open a KEY fixture KEY.

Note: the key should be a high-distribution dense silicone button.

2. Forming color for bonding

Note: Silicone buttons that are thinner and have more colors and tight distribution

3. A variety of different color molding

Method of operation: When the size of the color part is cut, the different color materials are discharged on the mold according to the color distribution position on the product.

Note: KEY with high thickness, less colored silicone buttons with less complexity.

4. Discharge the various color compounds on the Teflon board and transfer them to the mold for molding.

Operation method: according to the color and volume required by the product, the color distribution of the product will be discharged on the Teflon plate, and the Teflon plate with the good rubber compound will be put into the mold for pressurization. Immediately after pressurization, the mold is taken out and the Teflon plate is taken out and then opened into the mold to complete the vulcanization of the product.