How To Process Silicone Children's Gutta-percha?

- Oct 24, 2019-


           With the advancement of society, more and more parents have begun to pin their hopes on their children, so whether it is for the growth of infants and young children, supplements, life, etc., food, clothing, housing and travel have begun to carefully select, maternal and child products can be counted Compared with a hot-selling daily necessities, silicone materials have become the mainstay of modern urban children. More and more baby products want to be replaced with silicone materials. So what do silicone materials use to attract consumers? What problems do you need to pay attention to?

          Silicone daily life and infant products are mainly introduced in Europe and the United States. In the early days when China's silicone rubber technology has not fully improved, Dow Corning and Bluestar and other well-known century-old enterprises have already had certain food-grade silica technology, and the materials are used from the military. Gradually transferred to civilian use, let the silicone slowly start to invest in life.

         With the development of the silicone industry chain in the past few decades, more and more design ideas have been broken. The silicone products in the silicone maternal and child products industry have so far been counted, so more consumers believe it because of it. The material is designed to reassure consumers, and it also allows infants and young children to have a strong use of silicone, and it is also very helpful in terms of function and practicality.

         In recent years, as the competition in the silicone industry has gradually expanded, many silicone manufacturers have made silicone not so simple silicone products, so many consumers have raised different questions, such as product quality problems and detection, odor, etc. So, what is the main cause, which has led many consumers to reduce their intentions when purchasing silicone products, so what should you know about silicone maternal products?

        Process understanding: Many consumers are likely to misjudge silicone and other materials. Silicone products are processed by high-temperature molding. However, a material that is familiar with silicone baby, such as sugar and PVC, requires careful attention. The separation is clear, the texture of the silicone material is slightly better, the sugar glue and the PVC material are low in hand, but it is still difficult to distinguish. It can be burned with an open flame, and the white smoke and white residue belong to the silica gel.

        Raw materials: Raw materials are the key to silicone maternal and child products. Normally, infant products are up to certain environmental standards. Therefore, silica gel is no exception. Normally, it is a custom-made process for environmentally friendly gas-phase silicone. Many manufacturers use ordinary precipitation silica gel. Processing, although the product does not have much impact, but the time is too long or there is a certain quality difference with the gas phase glue.

         Processing method: The choice of process is very important. Usually, there are many kinds of processing methods for silicone products, while silicone children's products are more common for solid and liquid processing. The two methods have different advantages and differences. The threshold of solid silicone products is low, and the products are low. The cost is low, and the products produced can also reach the environmentally friendly food grade, and the quality of the materials is the choice of many consumers. The liquid silicone processing threshold is higher, and it is processed by liquid water-like material. The product feels softer and rebounds better, and the parting line is smaller than the solid one, but the ordering is higher and the mold cost is higher.

         Secondary vulcanization: Secondary vulcanization is a process that must be treated in any product that has been tested. The main reason for the odor of infant silicone products is that there is no secondary vulcanization and baking. The catalyst has not been emitted, and many silicone children's products manufacturers are currently dealing with them, but the time and temperature are different for the secondary sulfurization treatment.

        Grinding process: Grinding treatment is mainly for silica gel products with strict appearance. The parting line is produced for each product, and the grinding process is smoothed by high-speed grinding to make the parting line smooth, keeping the appearance without any flaws. The cost of the method is higher. If you need to buy a more refined appearance, you can choose the product after eye grinding.

         Surface processing, silicone baby products can also be screen printed, printing different LOGO or brand and pattern on the surface appearance of the product, but the printed ink does not necessarily guarantee the export inspection report, so in addition to the silk screen method, the silicone products are also It can be made in different ways such as mold LOGO and laser engraving or transfer!