How To Prevent Silica Gel Products From Adsorbing Dust

- Aug 28, 2020-

The fact that silica gel material does have powerful practical functions, and one of them is to make it both beneficial and harmful. Dust and impurities are one of the weakest shortcomings of silica gel products, and adsorption is the main chemical nature of silica gel. Many silica gel products on the market cannot be solved by dust and debris. In life, silica gel coasters are one of them. So what are the main reasons for silica gel coasters to absorb dust and how to deal with them?

When it is stained with dust, sticky substances, etc., the chemical nature of silica and the phenomenon of adsorption is an inevitable factor in the raw materials. Therefore, it is definitely necessary for the use of silica gel gaskets in life and textiles, plush, etc. Sticky phenomenon occurs, but for this kind of phenomenon, it needs to be processed and solved by the silicone coaster manufacturer.

It is necessary to know that the adsorption force is the main reason for the accumulation of dust in the silica gel placemat. Therefore, the additives in the organic silicon and inorganic silicon in the raw materials are different. The different adsorption methods can reduce the silicon chain sub-structure units in the silica gel material. It can be mixed at the same time as the raw materials. Add a lot of water to destroy the adsorption strength of silanol and reduce the active ratio of silica gel adsorption!

After molding, the silicone coaster has no secondary treatment process, so the surface will have the ability to automatically absorb dust, and the electrostatic oil surface can be sprayed to cover the static electricity to prevent adsorption. There are two treatment methods, which are processed by the silicone product manufacturer. Before production, use anti-static glue to control the adsorption energy of silica gel in the raw materials (reduce the anodicity). Another method is to spray the generated silica gel product, and spray the anti-static oil on the surface of the silica gel product to make it smooth. No static effect!