How to make LOGO fonts in silicone products, there are several processing methods

- May 20, 2019-

How to make LOGO fonts in silicone products, there are several processing methods

In the production of silica gel products, many customers will add brand names and company LOGOs in their own products. This will make consumers remember our company and brand, thus playing a promotion role. There are many ways to add logos. For you to briefly introduce the process of the silicone product processing process:

Silicone mold LOGO engraving is currently the most common way to print LOGO. It is simple and clear. The main process is to wash out the vacancy of the mold LOGO in the upper and lower molds when the mold is processed. The LOGO needs to be protruded and dug in the upper mold. The seat needs a concave shape to dig out the LOGO seat in the lower mold. The product is filled with the product after the vulcanization of the LOGO part when the raw material is placed, and the desired LOGO shape can be obtained. For example, the LOGO color needs to be dug in the core. K-seat, in the separate LOGO secondary vulcanization into the main mold, to make a color separation LOGO to get a two-color product.


In the early days, printing was a relatively unpopular industry, because I was worried that the ink would fall off on the printing, and I could not achieve the effect I wanted. Nowadays, with the development of the times and the maturity of advanced technology, if you don’t want the three-dimensional effect, you can choose the printing form. At present, the printing industry is very popular. After printing, it will not fall off. The clarity of the screen is very precise, so consumers don't have to worry about quality and effect.

At present, the LOGO method is produced, and there are color printing and printing, which is mainly for the LOGO pattern of different colors and multiple colors. This method can be processed by several factors such as thermal transfer and water transfer, and the processing is complicated and the efficiency is low. The effect of LOGO is very good. Generally, there are many products such as silicone jewelry and silicone products, and various methods for producing silicone products are various.