How To Judge The Quality And Inferiority Of Dongguan Silicone Gasket Manufacturers!

- Oct 25, 2019-


            It is well known that silicone gaskets are a relatively wide range of products used in our daily life and in electronic appliances. They can be used in different functions such as life mats, silicone coasters and placemat cushions, etc. Increment, the demand for silica gel sheet is increasing due to the research and development of new products. More and more consumers are also difficult to choose the order of products. How to choose a quality supplier and product becomes a problem, then explain it to everyone today. How to buy a quality silicone sheet manufacturer!


          The quality of the product is of course important, so a high-quality silicone sheet manufacturer naturally has high quality silicone sheets. Thickness and thinness are the key issues. Many silicone sheets will have this phenomenon. The thickness of the large-area sheet has errors. The thickness of the two sides is thin and the sides are thin and the two sides are thin. Cracking, product soft deformation and poor tensile strength are all quality problems.

          Therefore, after judging the quality of the output, the manufacturer's problem is determined. The above problems are all quality problems. Normally, these problems can be completely controlled. In the process of processing the silicone wafer manufacturers, the machine and the mold work and the raw materials of the products are adjusted. Control.

          Secondly, the production capacity of silicone rubber sheet manufacturers, equipment and scale involve the production capacity of the product. If the purchase volume is relatively large and the delivery time is tight, then it is necessary to find a large-scale and experienced manufacturer. Sheet manufacturers specialize in the production of foot pads and can be directly attached to the backing, cutting, patching, from the professional point of view and technical services are still relatively advantageous, it is recommended that you look for such suppliers.

           For the silicone sheet, the main technical level is in the mold work and the cutting die. For the mold work, it mainly depends on the die face of the die and the thickness of the self-removing parting line. The die face needs precise polishing to achieve precision. The mold surface effect, and the parting line requires the precision of the machine during the CNC machining process, as well as the loss of the tool and the problem of the tool compensation. In addition, the silicone sheet has a certain degree of precision for the cutting requirements, so the silica gel piece is decided. The appearance quality of the material manufacturer still needs to start from the mold aspect.

           It is naturally important to serve after-sales problems. Every quality supplier will make the after-sales service to the utmost. Therefore, when selecting suppliers, you should first ensure the delivery of goods and the subsequent quality problem handling and feedback speed.